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Tennyson Primary School

Improving our Schools

Improving our Schools

The Tennyson academies will be mutually supportive in order that good and outstanding practice can be secured effectively and quickly. The operational team has many years of proven experience in improving the educational outcomes for children and young people having provided outstanding leadership and teaching wherever they have worked.

We believe in guiding our communities to overcome barriers collaboratively and across the trust there will be a strong ethos around partnership.  Aiming high is also a key theme in the TLC and this will be disseminated throughout our schools, with many opportunities for partners to share excellence and leadership. 

The Trust will not only generate school improvement economies of scale, but will also enable cost efficient commissioning and purchasing of goods and services to free up individual school leaders’ time to focus on school improvement and making sure teaching and learning is as good as it can be.

Behaviour Hub Lead School

The Trust is delighted that Tennyson Road Primary School has been recognised for its strong positive behaviour culture and has been appointed as a Lead School in the Government’s Behaviour Hub programme. Following an application and interview process, the school has been selected for its exemplary management of pupil behaviour and track record for working with other schools. This means that Tennyson Road staff will provide one-to one support to a number of other schools helping them to make improvements.

The programme is about the strategies needed to support children to behave in ways that help them gain the most from school. For many pupils their school experience is the best chance they will ever have to flourish and helping them develop good behaviour is one of the most important tasks a school faces. We will be providing approximately 15-20 days of senior leadership time per academic year to support other schools and inviting other school leaders to regular open day events held at Tennyson Road.

The programme aims:

  • To help schools create a calm and orderly environment where pupils can learn without interference from others.
  • To provide schools with bespoke expert support and advice from senior leaders to help them improve pupil behaviour.
  • To provide one-to-one support and mentoring, including hosting termly open days, to share experiences and good practice.
  • To provide expert training and resources from Behaviour Advisers, all with in-school experience.