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Tennyson Primary School

Our Strategic Aims

Our Trust

Our Strategic Aims

High quality and inclusive education for every child within the Trust

Leaders will ensure that:

  • The scope, content and sequencing of the curriculum supports the learning and progress of every child.
  • Successful curriculum progression is planned to focus on the development of core content, concepts and methods from EYFS to Year 6.
  • Early development of knowledge and skills in Maths and English remains a priority in EYFS.
  • Strategy and process for developing the knowledge and skills for children with additional needs e.g. SEND, EAL and PPG are highly effective in meeting these children’s needs.
  • Safeguarding is firmly embedded within the culture of each school.
  • Our curriculum is carefully planned to provide extensive enrichment opportunities to support the development of cultural capital for all of our children.


Highly effective personal and professional development

Trust and school leaders will:

  • Prioritise the training and development of staff through the professional pathway strategy.
  • Maintain a strong commitment to the mental health and well-being of all staff and reviews and sources external benefit packages and training to support this priority.
  • Continue to recruit and retain staff who, through their practice, knowledge and character enhance and develop the Tennyson Learning Community (TLC)
  • Ensure that all leaders continue to prioritise teachers training and development around the curriculum.
  • Monitor that all staff have completed the required statutory training.
  • Financial resources are allocated to support high quality external and internal training and support.
  • All professional development opportunities provided are based on identified personal or group need.
  • Effective and efficient Performance Management processes and practice are annually reviewed and monitored.
  • All schools in the Trust enjoy extensive opportunities to collaborate and share expertise, resources and knowledge in order to promote higher levels of teaching and learning.


Strong and sustainable financial management

Trust and school leaders will ensure that: 

  • Resources are deployed appropriately in line with the schools priorities.
  • Levels of financial performance are agreed and achieved.
  • The trust avoids financial loss and waste.
  • Trust financial policies and auditing systems ensure efficient and effective monitoring of finances e.g. favourable audit assessments.
  • Risk is effectively identified and managed.
  • Experienced and qualified personnel are recruited to ensure efficient and compliant management of the Trust’s finances at a strategic and operational level


Measured and mutually beneficial growth

Trust leaders will ensure that:

  • Opportunities for growth continue to be explored and pursued as appropriate.
  • The behaviour hub continues to provide training and support both locally and nationally.
  • The school improvement training and support offer to the wider community is appropriately staffed and financially supported.
  • Positive links with the local authority and teaching hubs are maintained and developed.


Effective, well informed governance

All those involved in Governance will ensure that:

  • There is Trust wide clarity and understanding regarding vision, ethos and direction.
  • Trust and school leaders are held to account for the educational performance of the school and it’s pupils.
  • Trust and school leaders are held to account for the performance management of staff.
  • All money is well spent including Pupil Premium, EHCP and catch-up funding.
  • All statutory and contractual requirements are met.
  • The effectiveness of Governance is internally reviewed annually and externally every three years.


Safe and secure estates

The trust will ensure that we: 

  • Develop bold, vibrant buildings and facilities that attract high-achieving staff and motivated  students.
  • Provide collaborative spaces that bring cross-functional teams together.
  • Measure quality through function and flexibility.
  • Are ready to embrace change and be flexible in response.
  • Ensure the safety of all students, staff and visitors at all times.
  • Develop an affordable estate with buildings that are designed for the future.
  • Ensure business continuity and resilience.
  • Use the estates to create profit where possible.


Strong and sustainable financial management